Dawg Pak

Dawg Pak is me, and We are Dawg Pak.

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Dawg Pak Labs

Dawg Pak Labs are my play ground to run independant use case scenerios in a very controlled manner. I use them to independantly prove functionality when called upon.

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Call Center Sizing Gadgets...

These section contains the tools i have developed over the years that helped me do my job as a Call Center Architect better, quicker, and faster. In the day these were all excel spreadsheets, but now i have (or will have) adapted them to web apps that you can save your setup data and results to and from an excel input and output spreadsheet. I envision it also to allow customizations of the certain tables of assumptions and standards that can and likely should be customized to each and every industtry. I was archtiecting health care call centers in the United States primarly when i first started to deverlop these buggers.

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Web Hosting

You can easily find a web hosting company that offers the right mix of features and price for your applications.

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Current Projects

Virta » LogMonster » Campgrounds Operations v2 »

Dawg Pak Engineering is a developers corsortuium that provides useful tools and applications for public and private consumption.

DPE is not a pay-for-work business or employer, there are no benefit packages or retirement plans, there are no signing bonus'es or paychecks, but rather a Life Reward For Contribution Cooperative.

What is a Life Reward For Contribution Cooperative?, its a non-profit organizational structure that provides an equidablely spliting of the rewards from any given project amonst all of those that contrubutes to its success. This allows a very relaxed yet productive creative and technical working environment.

Have you been asked to contribute to a project ?

DPE operates loosely as a awesome team of programers, developers, architects, and graphics artists, all with the intent of retiring early to the Bahama's or somewhere fun like that.

There are no job postings for DPE openings, rather a short list (at best) of referrals to pre-qualified canadates to help fulfill needs of the various projects.

We tend to keep it all in the F A M I L Y.

Here is how you get started with Dawg Pak Engineering...

To contribute to a project...

you estimate your potential contribution, effort hours, estimated date of completion and record it in the DPE eProject tool. You get project credits for the estimate you provided.
if you are amonst other potential contributors, after final product selections, your work effort of the contribution is then added to the overall project tracking system.
This then all comes into play when distributing rewards from the project once it launches and takes off.
i.e. say.. for instance... if your total contributions totaled 500 hours, and the overall project totaled 10,000 hours, from all contributors, your piece of the puzzle is 500/10,000 = 5%
that 5% is then used when the rewards of each project are ready for distribution. Either one time pay outs or monthly subscription distros would occur in the contributors perferred method of payment. Secured by PayPal bitcoin
and say for instance... Once the project is available for subscriptions... When we reach 1000 paying subscriptions, 1,000 subscribers x $10/year = $10,000 per year = $833 / monthly for distribution ... At your 5% contribution return rate, you would get about 42 dollars a month. As the subscribers grow, then 42/mth become $4200 / month as we hit 100,000 subscribers. DPE eProject Contribution Return Rate calculator estimator tool »

DPE eProject » will soon be available hopefully.

Did you know... That space and time and thought... aren't the separate things they appear to be?

Avaya Independant Review...

Working in the Avaya market for the past 20+ years, and being second generation telecom has given me a fun and unique view into the telecom field. I recall back in my begining days as an architect, i wished i had been able to have an industry expert give me a once over look-seee, and give me a thumbs UP or a thumbs DOWN (and why)... I now offer that service to the general public...